Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wrestling with a Wireless Network

Since I find myself vying with my daughter for the computer's pilot seat this summer while school's out, I decided to set her up a box of her own. I had an old Compaq Proliant sever gathering dust, so I set that up.

Why Linux? I'm cheap!

I was always a UNIX/Linux guy when I was coding, plus I'm cheap, so it made sense to use an open source OS rather than a Micro$oft product (the server wasn't formatted). So I put Ubuntu on it.

Plenty of games. Yay! However, it only took about five minutes to hear, "Awwww, there's no Internet!"

OK, so I installed a Linksys broadband router between cable modem and my primary PC. So far, so good. Now I've just got to get the Linux box to see it. Challenges, challenges.

But Back to Work...

But I can only spend so much time pulling my hair out fussing with drivers and cables. Still got to make a living so I wrote an article on installing suspended acoustical ceilings. There was a time when I used to do that for a living.

So I've done blue collar gigs and white collar gigs in my time. Which one's better? It depends on how you look at it. Desk jockeys make more money, but construction work can't be outsourced overseas. Not yet anyway.

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