Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gotta Love Home Improvement Shows

My wife spends a lot of time watching those popular home makeover shows. Are they reality shows? Are they personality shows? Are they educational shows? Are they thinly-disguised shills for Home Depot and Lowes?

All of the above, I'm afraid. But that's alright - it gets homeowners busy doing their own home makeovers. That's aces in my book because that's the business I'm in: showing homeowners how to DIY and tackle remodeling projects.

They Sometimes get it Wrong...

Many times I catch myself walking through the room when one of these shows is on, and I overhear myself saying, "No, that's just wrong!"

I'll be the first to admit, sometimes I'm partly wrong too. Well, not wrong, just of another opinion. In most projects, there's more than one way to skin a cat. For example, one time, the macho DIY guy was doing a backyard project.

He was going on and on saying, "We're using Red Cedar for this project because it's weather resistant and it's a renewable resource!" What?? So since when isn't pressure-treated pine not weather resistant and a renewable resource?

Bottom line is that a whole lot of people are going to go out and spend extra money they don't need to because they think they're saving the environment.

Keep it Simple

Another time, they advised the viewers to go out and rent a compressor and hopper to texture a room. Ow! Messy, expensive, and not needed; not when there are simple ways to texture drywall.

Turbo-Speed Home Makeover

Another thing I find interesting about those shows is the speed with which they complete the projects. Never worked for me! For one thing, I always run into something unexpected that demands a clever workaround.

I usually need something I don't have or decide I want and end up going to the local home improvement center. (OK, I just like shopping there!)

Anyhow, TV networks, keep those shows coming! You inspire us all and give emerging designers a platform for exposure. And my wife keeps me busy...

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