Friday, August 8, 2008

Using a Contractor Directory

Face it, there are times when even the most intrepid DIY'er has a task that he or she just doesn't want to tackle. Don't have the equipment? Don't have the time? Just don't want to dive into that septic tank? Your solution might just be using a contractor directory.

Build a Professional Relationship

Some of these services are very regional but the best ones stretch far and wide and are very comprehensive with respect to the trades they represent. Take Portland Contractors for example. The upside of using a directory like this is that you can develop a relationship with one company, rather than a new one every time you need help.

Look for a Range of Services

You might think changing out a toilet is the only task you don't want to handle but what happens when you're out of town and a pipe bursts? You need a plumber anyhow. Sheetrock repair? Simple job but once again, if you're out of pocket, well, you are.

Bottom line? Keep your DIY hat, but hook up with a contractor Directory as well. A portion of this blog's content is sponsor supported.

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