Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yet More Bathroom Remodeling

Not long ago, I posted an article on my site on the Perpetual Remodeling Project. The basic idea is to keep adding to the article, photos and text, as I go about completing all the DIY projects that just won't quit comin'.

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The last bit I added is about trimming the door. This turned out to be fun to do. I'm not much on interior design but I know what looks good. I may be eclectic but make up for it by being clever. That's a good thing, right?

Corner Block Door Casing Anyhow, I used square corner rosette blocks on the trim. Want to see it? Click on that tall thumbnail over on the left. The color isn't right though. The door and trim are really gloss white.

I've got a lot of remodeling projects planned after I finish the bathroom renovation. All that's left is building and installing a built-in medicine cabinet. That one will have some good detail because of the design.

The hole is already cut in the drywall but because of a stud and a plumbing pipe, I'm going to offset the back of the cabinet so as to take advantage of all the available real estate.

The end result is that the right three quarter of the cabinet will gain about 3/4" of additional depth over the shallow one the previous owner installed.

I'm also going to drill a series of holes on the inside so I can put shelf support pegs at a variety of locations. Sharing bathrooms with a wife and a daughter has given me an education in the odd size containers that stuff can come in.

I'm still debating on the design of the cabinet door. That's half the fun of doing it myself rather than hiring a contractor. But hey, that's just me...

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