Sunday, April 5, 2009

Troubleshoot and Fix Your Electric Range

One of the things I really hate is having to call an appliance repair company to check out and repair a malfunction. Fortunately, many problems are easier to diagnose than you might think.

Troubleshooting and fixing an electric range and oven is a prime example. This handy device is not complicated at all in most cases. In fact, all you generally need is a couple of screwdrivers, an analog or digital multimeter, and maybe a pair of pliers.

When the heating elements go out, it's generally just an electrical continuity issue. This kind of fix is a simple plug and play operation.

Even when the fix is easy, locating the correct replacement part can be tricky because there are so many kitchen appliance manufacturers and models.

Sometimes, they won't even sell you the part; they want to send their repair guy out to charge you a fortune. So, now I don't even bother driving around searching. A-1 Appliance Parts always has just what I need and shipping is quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Other common problems are when the elements only heat partially or not at all. Again, heating element diagnosis is simple.

Generally, the only real mechanical issues are items like door hinges and springs. Also an easy repair. So, check it out yourself first. But if you want to have someone do the work for you, try using Angie's List.

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