Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Titebond Glue Goes Green

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I've always been an advocate. This company has always kept ahead of the curve on many issues. Getting more water resistant is a great example. They've also got an ample line-up of woodworking glue.

Now Titebond has developed their GREENchoice Adhesives line. And just in time. Green building is gaining in popularity. Glue is one of the best building materials to make the green jump to since it's so VOC intense.

GREENchoice come in eight types: heavy duty construction adhesive, premium polyurethane, projects and repair, drywall adhesive, and more.

The one that caught my eye was professional radon sealer. I had to look. Turns out it's used, as expected, as a caulk in places where radon gas might enter the home, unsealed basements, for example.

It's mold and mildew resistant, but I don't see how it's more effective for radon than a regular foundation caulk. At least they don't say.

Nevertheless, they're sure to sell this stuff if they don't overprice it. Just like cars; Hummers may be prestigious, but Toyota sure sells the volume business.

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