Monday, April 13, 2009

Lace Up Your Running Shoes!

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The weather is getting right to dig out the running shorts and go running. Well, it's been like that for me anyhow; it might be "not yet" for y'all up north.

Actually, during the cold, rainy weather I train indoors on the treadmill at my local 24-Hr Fitness gym. So what prompts this particular post? First, like I said, the weather is perfect, but also because I'm happy to say that I was selected to be the Houston Running Fitness Examiner over at

So go check it out. I've only posted one article so far, yesterday as a matter of fact, but I'll be putting up a minimum of four running and fitness articles each week.

I think the personalized parts of the page are still being tweaked, so if you don't see my
my ugly mug
there right now, you'll have to check back ;-)

One reason I'll hyped about the opportunity is that it's a topic I really enjoy writing about. I used to be the newsletter editor for the Bay Area Triathlete Club (BAT) and that was a hoot. Uh, that's the Bay Area here in Texas, not the one in California.

Sadly, that club folded some time back and I've missed writing on the topic. Over the years, I've done everything from the 5K to half-Ironman triathlons to ultramarathon trail runs. My intention is to share all the sports nutrition, training, and injury prevention information that that varied experience has provided me.

So check it out, bookmark it (if you're a runner or wannabe), and feel free to suggest a topic you would like to see posted. Cheaper than buying a magazine, yes? Reach me at any time.

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