Monday, March 9, 2009

It's not Delivery, It's Homemade Pizza!

That's right, you were expecting the the DiGiorno commercial, yes? Nah, this is even better. You know I usually blog about home improvement topics, and that's all good; but believe it or not, I have other interests. And you should too!

Anyway, I've always liked cooking. Probably because I like eating. Doing DIY projects will give you an appetite. So will the things I used to be very active in: triathlons and marathons. I even completed six ultramarathons.

Glutton for punishment, I suppose.

Yeah, that stuff will give you an appetite! So for the topic I was leading off with, how about some homemade pizza? Making the pizza dough or crust is the first thing to do, but don't be intimidated; it's easy. The pizza crust recipe I dreamed up is whole wheat.

I first got interested in making my own pizza from a buddy of mine, a club mate in the Bay Area Running Club (the one in Clear Lake, Texas, not the one in California). Coye Jones was a fanatic about making and eating pizza.

My favorite was the "Eggs Benedict" special. I sit here salivating just thinking of it. Coye was also one of the engineers that ushered in some of NASA's ground (or rather, space) breaking accomplishments. Awesome dude.

Another one of my favorite things to cook up is Panamanian-style empanadas. I grew up on these things, both when I lived in Las Cumbres in the rain forest, in Panama City, and in the Canal Zone. (Long live Balboa HS Bulldogs, rah!)

The next recipe I'm going to write an article about is ceviche. Can't wait to get started on that one.

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