Thursday, February 26, 2009

Plumbing Repair with ACE DuraFlow

One of the principal problems with galvanized steel and copper residential pipes is one shared with humans: it doesn't last forever!

No solution for humans, I'm afraid, but there are two ways to fix corroded pipes. The first, and messiest, it to rip out the old ones and replace them. This is expensive because of the new pipe, opening and repairing walls, and the labor associated with all of that.

Listening to a local home improvement show on the radio last week, I learned of a better way. It's much less intrusive and it's a green remodeling or repair method, since the old pipes don't end up in the land fill.

It's a process developed by ACE DuraFlow. Essentially, the plumbing is opened up on both ends, the pipes are cleaned out, and then the insides are epoxy-coated.

Wait, it gets better! The walls don't have to be opened up. You don't have to buy new pipe. No drywall repair. And, the metal is now isolated from water, so future corrosion is reduced, if not eliminated altogether.

I might have to get this done on my own home at some point. I already know of one cancerous pipe. That EZ Weld isn't going to last forever either...


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