Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Roofing Choices than Ever

A few months ago, Hurricane Ike passed smack dab over my house. I was up most of the night listening to the wind howl like a pack of psychotic wolves. We did alright - just lost some picket fencing.

Others were not so lucky. Down on the coast (two miles away), along Toddville Road, it was mostly devastation.

Many homes had roof damage. And yes, there are still blue FEMA tarps on homes here and there. Luckily, insurance will cover most folks. And the roofing material choices are better than ever.

Angie's List!

Metal roofs are the way to go if your pockets are deep enough. Of course, many homeowner associations (neighborhood Nazis) won't allow them. Some will though, if they're the style that look like shingles.

Shingles. They're not what they once were. Modern asphalt composition shingles are available to resist wind, fire, and hail. My favorite are architectural shingles. I had a roofing contractor that I found through Angie's List. re-roof my home with them last year.

Now, if we don't have any hurricanes for a while...

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