Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Contraband Toilets?

Yes, it's true, odd as it may sound. So many people are dissatisfied with low-flow toilets that regular tank models have become a hot commodity. They're slipped over the border from Canada to the US under the cover of darkness.

They're still legal up there. Years ago, smuggling liquor was the hot ticket, now it's commodes. It's a goofy ol' world, as John Prine reminds us.

If you've still got your old toilet, I urge you to keep it when you remodel. If it acts up, it's a snap to fix common toilet problems. Nine times out of ten, the easiest thing to do is just replace the guts with a new Fluidmaster fill valve and flapper. Under $10 at home Depot. Such a deal.

Angie's List!

Not long ago, there was a report on the radio (I listen to the radio all day as I write) about some global summit aimed at improving the availability of clean drinking water throughout the world. I recognize that it's a serious problem, but the proposed solution was kind of a head-scratcher.

They suggested switching all our toilets to waterless models. I would have thought desalination plants. But then again, I'm not a hot shot scientist. If they did ever mandate that, I'd have to become a plumber!

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