Friday, November 2, 2007

Fall DIY Project - Laminate Flooring

Now that the days and evenings are finally getting cooler, the lawn has stopped growing. So what does that mean? Well, I can use all that lawn mowing and assorted yard work time for something else.

The first priority is to finish installing the laminate flooring in my house - a project that has dragged out far too long already. Actually, I was surprised at how easy laminate flooring is to install and maintain.

Compared to the traditional hardwood floors that I've installed and refinished in the past, installing laminate is easy and breezy. Of course some of it is a bit tedious; such as undercutting the door jambs and trim. I found through trial and error that a coping saw works best. I tried a hacksaw and dovetail saw but found the coping saw best due to the thin blade and diminutive teeth.

The other interesting thing was bringing the base boards home from Home Depot. They're about 18 feet long! What the heck do folks without pick up trucks do?

Anyway, I guess I'm just procrastinating. I'd better get to it...

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