Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Basement Waterproofing and Remodeling

Now that our DIY projects are closing the door on Fall and coming indoors for Winter, it's time to consider what to work on first. Have you thought about reclaiming that wasted basement space and turned it into something useful? Would you like to install a home theater? Family game room? The first thing to consider is basement waterproofing. Then, and only then, let the basement remodeling begin!

Fundamental Basement Waterproofing
Studies show that over 90% of basement leaks happen where the wall meets the floor. At least that bit of trivia tells you where to concentrate your focus. This is where hydrostatic pressure makes your basement the most vulnerable.

But the walls and the floor need to be completely cleaned first. This will reveal the problem spots. Use a quick-dry cement to patch cracks, holes and floor/wall joints. The next step is to apply a waterproofing coating system to prevent the passage of water under hydrostatic pressure.

Basement Remodeling Design Steps

  • Begin with a design plan for your basement remodel.
  • Consider installing a suspended acoustical ceiling. It's easier to install than drywall and you can use drop-in fluorescent light fixtures.
  • Plan for any plumbing. Will you install a wet bar? Incorporate a small bath?
  • Plan for electrical connections.
  • Decide where the home theater will be located. (Another good argument for the suspended acoustical ceiling.)

Frame the Basement Walls

  • First frame the exterior basement walls.
  • Frame any interior basement walls and doorways.
  • Be sure any plumbing and electrical runs are installed.
  • Hang the drywall.

The Finishing Touches

  • Paint the basement walls.
  • Install the flooring (laminate flooring, carpet, etc.)

You're done! Except for furniture and that big screen TV!

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