Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Choosing Tools for Christmas Gifts

I know, I know; we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet so why talk about Christmas? Well, it's hard to fight the tide. Walmart is displaying plastic trees and decorations from China already. But why focus on tools for holiday presents?

Well, for one thing, if you have a woodworker or home repair type person to gift, pssst! Something for their hobby will earn you more gratitude than a pair of socks or soap-on-a-rope. And it's practical during this recession.

Got Power Tools?

Yesterday I posted an article on power tool gifts. There's always one more on the list. He with the most tools when he dies wins! OK, that's a bit morbid, but it's true.

Rockler Gift CardRockler Gift Card
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Rockler Gift Card

Sometimes for maximum accuracy only a certain tool will do the job easily. The Rotozip is one example. My Ryobi biscuit joiner is another. I can't tell you how many times I struggled with making dowel joints line up on complicated woodworking projects.

What if You're Looking for a Stocking Stuffer?

Yeah, we're all on tight budgets. But there's always highly useful and appreciated stocking stuffers guaranteed to delight on Christmas morning. How about a Magnogrip? I just did a Magnogrip review a few weeks ago.

I don't always do reviews on all the new products I'm approached about, but if I think they will benefit my readers here and at my main site (thanks for visiting so often and commenting, dear readers!), I'll go for it.

Another good choice in this category are the materials for making workshop woodworking jigs. What woodworker doesn't enjoy making his or her jigs?

Anyhow, now I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. I'm smack dab in the middle of training for the Houston Marathon, so I can eat with abandon and a total lack of guilt...

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