Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Be Prepared for Home Fires this Winter

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It's a sad fact of life; every winter needless deaths and burned up homes happen. Why? Because we heat our homes. Heating systems that lay dormant for half to three quarters of a year don't always fire up in the same operating condition they were left in last spring. Appliance and Home System Repair Warranties! Click here!

How many homeowners get a heating system tune-up in the fall? Not many. That's usually seen as an unwanted household expense until some malfunction rears its ugly head. So in reality, one of the best weapons in the fight against immolation is preparation.

Arm the Home with Fire Extinguishers

Believe me; fire extinguishers are cheap. Home Depot practically gives them away. There is no excuse for not having one in the kitchen in case of grease fires or electrical fires.

Be sure everyone knows where it is and how to use it. It's a good idea to buy several throw-aways and have a family practice session. Remember, aim low and sweep. That's the ticket.

Install Home Fire Sprinkler Systems

Sprinklers are most often found in commercial buildings, but they can be a life saver in homes as well. Particularly at night when the family is slumbering and when no one is at home and the odd electrical fire breaks out.

Think about installing an automatic fire sprinkler system in your home. Almost all insurance companies will give you a break on your homeowners insurance policy premiums.

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Have a Family Escape Plan

This is stressed when kids are in elementary school and there are just a few basic rules.
  • Go out windows as appropriate.
  • Touch doors to feel for heat before opening.
  • Stay low to avoid smoke inhalation.
  • Establish a family meeting area to run to off-property.
  • Know 911.

Keep all this in mind and you'll be the safer for it.

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