Thursday, March 20, 2008

French Drain Installation for Storm Water Drainage

The problem that many homeowners face is that their yard, particularly the back yard, was never properly graded by the residential building contractor. The rolling hills might sit easy on the eye, but they can spell trouble in the form of standing water. If this describes your yard designs, you might consider installing French Drains.

How might this unintended pond and water garden affect your property? A wet basement. Basement flooding. Costly foundation repairs. Any of these scenarios can be devastating to your bank savings account. Poof! There goes that tax refund and stimulus package tax rebate!

French drain systems fall in the green landscaping category. With nothing more than a shovel, some landscaping fabric, gravel, construction sand, and grass sod, you can save and increase your residential property value!

And don't forget, gutter downspouts will help to direct rainwater away from those low spots in the first place.

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