Monday, March 31, 2008

Building a Porch Roof

A porch is a great addition to any home. Do you have one? Planning on installing one? Just having an outdoor porch is only one part of the whole picture. To really take advantage of it, why not put on a porch roof?

You can think of a porch roof as an extension of the personality and look of your home. The ones that work best follow the same architectural mood of the house and the shingles match the home's existing shingles.

In fact, if your home's roof is in need of a face lift and part of your spring ritual this year is shopping for a reliable roofing contractor, you might as well build the porch roof yourself and then have the roofer come and shingle everything at once. The newer architectural shingles are nice.

Of course, at my house, I'm going to have to build the porch first and then put on the roof and the finishing touches...

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