Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Diagnosis for Refrigerator Repair

Even though refrigerators are some of the hardest working and longest lasting of all major household appliances, they can become cantankerous at times. It can be something as simple as the interior light burning out or something as problematic needing compressor repair or replacement. In any event, you need some solid refrigerator troubleshooting skills for a good diagnosis.

Many of these repairs can be handled by the average DIY type person whether its a compact refrigerator or a monster. Others, particularly the ones dealing with refrigerant charging or refrigerant recovery, can only be tackled by someone licensed to do so.

And if your fridge is still under warranty, let the service person handle it, lest you void your appliance warranty. This happened to me recently when the almost-new compressor went out and had to be replaced. I'm unlikely to buy another Maytag. Most likely my next will be a Samsung refrigerator.

In any event, here is an excellent refrigerator troubleshooting checklist.


0s0-Pa said...

Haha, thats a cool little refrigerator. Id love to get one for my room, although my wife is against it because she fears radiation exposure over a long period of time.
-Jack @ Electrical circuit test

John Smith said...

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Unknown said...

We offer appliance repair in Newbury Park and I would not recommend anyone who hasn't been trained to attempt to add refrigerant.