Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Launch of the Home Improvement Newsletter

I've gotten around to launching the newsletter feature for my I Can Fix Up My Home site (ICFUMH, or Ick-Fum ;-). Would have gotten it done sooner, but it took a while to find software that I liked.

In addition to this blog, there's also a separate home improvement blog over at ICFUMH. The two blogs aren't identical, but I see the newsletter as something in size between a blog and the site itself, which already has over a year's worth of free articles with new ones being added all the time.

It's also a great platform to share information that I get from my partners about new tools, materials, and building practices. And when they inform me of tool specials and promotions, it's a great way to pass that information on to you. If I put it on the blogs or elsewhere, it would just be too static.

I'd hate for anyone to try to get in on a great promotional deal that happened a couple of months ago. Those kind of things have a short window of opportunity. But in this recession economy, I've been seeing some very good deals.

If you would like to subscribe, welcome! Just email me at subscribe@icanfixupmyhome.com. In the body, give me your name and your location as well, if you feel comfortable with that. Then you'll get an automatic email that asks you to confirm your subscription. This is not mere jumping-through-hoops; it just makes sure that nobody is goofing on you. It happens.

I mean, who hasn't sent in 100 bill-me-later, postage-paid subscription cards to Playgirl magazine for the ex-boss after being laid off?

Be sure to add listserv@icanfixupmyhome.com to your email white list or address book, because some email clients will put unknown mail in the junk or spam filter file.

If you would like to virtually join me training for the Chevron Houston Marathon, check out my online marathon training schedule. That link is for week 1, and we are now in week 4. Just follow the links at the bottom of the pages.

It's not too late to jump on the bandwagon, even for a first-time marathoner. For example, this week's total mileage is just 19.4 miles. If you are planning a different marathon on a different date, feel free to print out my schedules and do them on your schedule. Stay motivated!

I post the next week's schedule every Friday or Saturday. Since it's a 26 week schedule, we've got a way to go. Pun intended!

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