Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Evolving Workshop

I'll bet some of you are like me; your home workshop leaves a little to be desired, size-wise. Mine is the garage. This means you have to be creative in how you set it up and what you stock it up with.

Using Benchtop Power Supplies

Since your work space comes at a premium, this means a lot of benchtop power tools. A grinder, drill press, table saw, and more. This means installing a convenient benchtop power supply. Mine is in the form of a heavy-duty strip.

Since my workbench is on locking casters, when I move it around I connect it with a heavy-duty extension cord. If you do this, do it safely and be sure it can handle the load!

Using Benchtop Tools

Although my bench has a large drawer (boasting my very first attempt at hand-cut dovetail joints), it's pretty much wide open to store the tools that rotate off the top, depending on what project I'm working on.

When do I need to wheel it out? Mainly to use the benchtop table saw with extensions.

Future Workshop Plans

As you can imagine, the work, uh, I mean fun, is never done. The woodshop is the ever-evolving beast. In the future, I'd like to...
  • Design and build a good dust collection system.
  • Find a more efficient way to store lumber.
  • Re-design my odds-and-ends storage.

So, instead of doing, I sit here writing. But I am a freelance writer to support my DIY habit. You can relate, right?

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