Thursday, July 24, 2008

Acoustic Drywall - Shhhh!

Acoustic drywall - is it soundproof? Well, not really. Just like you don't run into too many waterproof watches, just a lot of water-resistant ones. It's one of the best acoustical solutions in many situations though.

When Would You Use Sound - Dampening Drywall?

The best time to use this product is during new construction or during a remodel. It's possible to simply add a layer over an existing wall, but in most cases, the offset problems created make this impractical.

There's one situation that would make me go to the trouble of dealing with the offset issues - when installing a home theater.

QuietRock, Brought to You From Quiet Solution

Quiet Solution is a division of Serious Materials and is really at the forefront of this technology. Their solution of putting sound control in the wall itself sidesteps traditional techniques such as suspended baffles and wall-mounted acoustic panels.

The range of their customers speak volumes about the effectiveness of the product: Usher, Snoop Dog, KB Homes, Hitachi, Marriott, Hyatt Hotels, Ozzy Osbourne, and others.

QuietRock Installation

Acoustical drywall is installed just like regular drywall. If you can tape and float drywall already, you've got all the skills in your toolbox already.

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James said...

Why would a guy spend $60 a sheet on the low end board that doesn't test better than cheaper standard double drywall? Further, why would a guy spend $120 a sheet for board that actually works but is rediculously expensive?