Saturday, September 29, 2007

Will it beHillary Against Newt?

Will we see Hillary pitted against Newt Gingrich in the upcoming Presidential race? Of course, it is a little early to tell. Rasmussen today tells us that Hillery is pulling in a substantial 39% compared to her nearest rival in the Democrat camp, Obama, at an anemic 22%. And forget pretty boy Edwards; he's in the quicksand at just 14%.

Anything can happen to Hillary, but the question is, does it matter? Her supporters hardly care about questionable contributions or the ethics that drove her to take those souvenirs when she departed the White House. And she's got many supporters. So given that, the smart money might be on her in the primaries. A Teflon coating and having the ability to let Bill out when it is strategically viable maybe her two best attributes.

The question is, who will oppose her from the GOP? There's a lot of strong contenders, to be sure. As Glenn Beck stated last week, Giuliani has "fire in the belly". That's certainly one quality America admires as presidential. On the other hand, Romney is quieter but arguably the best of all the candidates to handle the economic situation the next President will be served up for breakfast at the White House.

Will Newt run? Only if he gets the money. If he does, there is no question. He has the experience as an insider, having served as Speaker of the House. He has vision. And he has intellect. All this makes him Hillary's worst nightmare.

So will Newt get the money? Time will tell. His American Solution initiative is certainly getting him into the limelight.

What goes on when they're out stumping is one thing. But when the two of them share the same stage and go toe to toe on issues of national policy, it will take a very strong supporter to defend Hillary when her shrieking and cackling laughing contrast with Newt's style.

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