Thursday, September 27, 2007

Not Fall Yet, Lazy Meter Readers

OK, so I was wrong... those in the know are predicting 90 degrees high at least until the end of the week. But that's still a good message for my electric bill... if I could ever get that straightened out.

I recently switched to TXU from Reliant to get a better deal. It turns out that the deal isn't that sweet. Forget the "great KwH rates", the thing is the fuel adjustment charge they choose to use. In the end you get hosed.

My problem this time was that was that they obviously estimated my bill rather than have a person do it in person. They claimed I used almost 3000 KwH in a one month period. When I read the meter about three weeks from their "read" I had only used 160 KwH. Hello?

When I talked to them on the phone (a couple of levels of management) they acted as if they were doing me a favor to "extend" my bill. I wanted someone to come read my meter to work it out but their poor overworked readers couldn't make it out for 15 days! Oh yeah, I live for this kind of customer service!

Well, what can you do? I need to train my dogs to run in one of those cages hooked up to a dynamo...

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