Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chill Out but Say Warm this Winter

For most of us in the northern hemisphere, winter weather can be a very serious business. At the core of our concerns is the ability to keep our homes heated and our families comfortable. We can eat canned food and drink bottled water but when the temperature drops we must be prepared.

The biggest issue for many of us is what to do when our central heat goes out due to a loss of electricity or gas. It behooves us to have a redundant system, which can either be used as a primary system during extreme temperature drops because of lower energy costs or a back-up during a fuel supply failure. Let's look at a few options.
  • Pellet Stoves and Furnaces. These units are becoming increasingly popular. Pellet stoves can effectively heat your home using pellets made from scrap wood so burning this fuel saves items like scrap pallets from going to the landfill. Economy and eco-friendly; win-win.
  • Convectional fireplaces. Certainly, in many modern homes fireplaces are just decorative fixtures and not often used as long as the central HVAC heater is performing up to par. But in a pinch we can always return to the good sense that our forefathers had. Keep some logs or fire-logs in the garage. And keep the bear-skin rug handy.
  • Three Dog Night. Yes, the speculation never ends to whether the name of this popular 60s band was based in the (Eskimo?) tradition of having your dogs sharing your bed for body heat. Regardless of how you think about bunking with Fido, in this case he or she can be your greatest friend. And, what a bonding opportunity!

The key to any of these solutions is being proactive. Don't be that person that waits until the last minute, standing in line at Walmart, and discovering that there are no batteries or bottled water left. Being a prepper does not make you a crazy. It makes you a reasonable person.

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