Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When Relocating, Make Things Easy on Yourself

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Face it, moving is traumatic. Whether you're moving to get a better job or just to keep the one you've got, you've got a lot of things to juggle, what with trying to wrap up things at your old place and coordinate getting situated at the new.

Moving Strategies

There are strategies you can use to make the transition more seamless. Here's a few.
Have a professional do the heavy lifting for you. This is a great time saver. They are called movers in the US but are removal companies in the UK. That sounds like a "glass half full, glass half empty" thing to me. I love US/UK language differences!

Plan ahead. It's never too soon to start on a game plan. Things will escalate the sooner the move gets. It you are moving because of business obligations, they will expect more from you before you leave; no loose ends.

Register your new address with the post office. Time sensitive things need to follow you as soon as possible. Yeah, you can change as many as possible before the big move, but some will slip through the floorboards.

Transfer Your Services

Not many professionals leave it all at the office. We always bring work home and make things happen after usual business hours. For this you need a seamless transition of broadband services.

Satellite TV is a bit easier. One of the big selling points of Dish TV is "leave it there, we'll get you a new one". Good hype. but a Godsend for transitioners.

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