Thursday, June 11, 2009

Does Father's Day Overlap Home Improvement?

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Father's day is fast approaching. This isn't going to be another "tie and soap-on-the-rope" year is it? Why not give him what he wants? And Dads, it might be time to start dropping hints, yes? What do we want? As Tim Allen would say, "Tools!"

Tools for Father's day are practical gifts. After all, this is something that us DIY types are going to buy anyway. And ladies, what better way to give your honey-do list a well-deserved nudge? Either that or find a handyman. Here are a few categories that might bear a bit of consideration:
  • Automotive tools. That's right. In the economic recession we find ourselves mired in, we need to do all the repairs we can. Not many people are looking to purchase a new vehicle just now anyhow. Think about it; would you buy a car built by GM (Government Motors)? Or how about a Hummer now that the Chicoms have bought that division? And you thought you had lead paint woes before?
  • Hand tools. Can't have too many of these babies. Just a couple of weeks ago I had to go to Home Depot and buy a set of torx screwdrivers to tweak the door strike on my Toyota Tundra. Who doesn't find themselves needing a pair of sharp Wiss tin snips now and then?
  • Power tools. We can only do so much with hand tools, as much as we love them. Whether we're talking belt sanders, table saws, drill presses, or wood lathes, the choices are getting better and the prices are lower than ever.
Just a few home improvement tool ideas for Father's Day. You can thank me later.

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