Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Sneaks up Once Again

OK, maybe sneaking up isn't the right phrase. After all, Wal Mart has had their Christmas stuff out for about three months now. It's just arriving so quickly.

This Year I Pledge to Avoid the Christmas Rush

Yeah right! Like that's going to happen. But one thing I want to do is try out LED Christmas lights. I'm all about going on the cheap with the electricity bill. And they say they last forever. Troubleshooting light strings is not my favorite chores.

We'll probably end up going to the Christmas tree farm and chopping down a choice one. We missed doing it last year because the tree rancher was giving the land a break. He just raises them for fun so he can afford to do it right.

Pre-Winter Chores

Actually, come to think about it, doing the holiday decorating is a great time to take care of those change of season chores. Home maintenance never ends. No complaints though. I'm lucky enough not to be an ARM or sub-prime mortgage volunteers, uh, I mean victims. Locked in at 6% and glad of it.

Do Your Christmas Shopping Early

This is something I've always wanted to try! It's one of those things most people keep saying they're going to do so as to avoid the crowds. I don't mind being out there in the mall on December 24, as long as I'm not standing in line. I just like the people-watching aspect of it.

No, this year I'm going to do my shopping on the Internet. Low stress, no mess...

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