Thursday, October 23, 2008

Relocating? Use a Professional Mover!

The real estate market is in flux, but that doesn't mean that people aren't changing homes. Companies relocate employees and some folks are taking advantage of lower priced homes on the real estate market just now.

The last time I moved, I did it all myself. I didn't realize I had so much stuff. Especially stuff that I didn't need. What a hassle! The next time I'm going to let the professional movers do the heavy lifting for me. Especially my table saw and other assorted power tools.

I've been known to pinch a penny or two, so you can be sure I'll shop around for removal quotes. Not only do I not want to pack and move my stuff, I don't want to carry it up the stairs at the new place, either!

Of course, one of the first thing (and most necessary one) is to shop around for mortgage quotes. The rates are still quite low and the rumors have it that the Fed is going to cut the prime rate again, which will free up more credit in the US, which will ripple across to the UK and the rest of Europe. Such is the effect of a global economy, as we recently found out.

Along with free mortgage quotes, there's the weather to think about. Planning and keeping an eye on the weather reports is crutial when relocating. Just last weekend I saw a poor slob driving along with his pick up truck loaded up with his furniture, electronics, etc. when the skies opened up, poured down the rain, and totally ruined his day. Or month. Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed...

Just another reason to use an insured professional moving company.

The great thing about moving to a new place is that if you plan it right, there's always a window of opportunity, before you move in, to get some serious DIY work done before all your belongings are in the way. Painting, installing new kitchen cabinets, and installing a new laminate floor come to mind.

These are a few things I prefer to do myself!

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