Sunday, April 27, 2008

Green Homes Mean More Efficient Living

It's clear that the building industry is taking a long, hard look at moving towards the greener side of the pasture. This is true in both the commercial and residential building market. And why not? Saving energy money in the long run while playing nice with the planet is a win-win.

There are several movers and shakers putting the green building (or sustainable building) agenda out there. One of the most prominent is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). They have developed a checklist to document the "greenness" of a dwelling.

This certification checklist goes into surprising detail, including such things as Non-toxic pest control, Proximity to mass transit systems, and ENERGY STAR performance.

What will the future of the green building movement be? It's exciting to contemplate. In addition to new construction, there's the issue of remodeling. This tends to focus on inspecting each new appliance or building material going into the job.

Green materials should be recycled or come from sustainable sources. They should also be low on the toxicity scale. And in the long run, they should save money on utilities.

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