Monday, February 11, 2008

More on Deck Building - Setting Posts

My series of articles on deck building that I anticipated going, maybe, three articles, has taken on a life of its own! Have I created a monster? You decide. The latest installment (the fifth) is on the fine art of digging the holes and setting the posts in concrete.

Outdoor Construction

The timing of these articles was deliberate. I knew there was a lot of material to cover and that many DIY'ers haven't done much outdoor construction. It's important that all the info gets out there so that once spring arrives, my readers won't have to sit around drumming their fingers waiting on my lazy self.

And it's a good thing that I started early - as I said, there was more material than I thought. For instance, all my outdoor construction has been done here in sunny South Texas. It came as a surprise to me that things such as the frost line had to be considered when determining post depth. (Yes, I do research; I don't just make this stuff up!)

Readers Clamor for Deck Embellishments

Yes, reader feedback is a good thing. I've received, via email, some good suggestions for topics. For example, a surprising number have asked for embellishments like fancy railings, bench seats with storage compartments, and options for hot tubs. All of this is coming after the basics have been covered.

A few readers have commented that I've put in too much detail but better too much than too little, as Shrek would say. So keep the suggestions coming. Contact me via the Home Reno & Repair site or my email, Until then, keep your powder dry!

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